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Concert Dates :: Jimmy Page


Date July 28, 1984
Location Cherry Hinton, England
Venue Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall
Start Time 4:00PM & 9:30PM
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1. Short And Sweet
2. Referendum
3. Elizabeth
4. Highway Blues
5. The Flycatcher
6. True Story
7. The Game

1. Hangman
2. Same Old Rock


Jimmy Page joined Roy Harper on guitar and vocals, Tony Franklin on bass, Nik Green on keyboards and Steve Broughton on drums at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Concert Memories

Pete Cunliffe

Saturday afternoon provided some interesting distractions in the form of Stefan Grosmann, John Renbourne,. an excellent set from John D.Loudermilk, and Dave Swarbrick again. The main attraction appeared at 4p.m. Unfortunately, the audience was uncomfortably full of Led Zeppelin fans awaiting the arrival of Jimmy Page. ("I wish all those idiots shouting 'Jimmy' would---- off back to Scotland and find him" quipped the compere.) When the band finally ambled onstage it was straight into a blistering version of "Short and Sweet" with Page and Harper creating a growling guitar symphony with Tony Franklin providing the basswork, Nik Green providing keyboard textures, and Steve Broughton pounding his drumkit to great effect. "Referendum"was next, closely followed by "The Game", both of which featured some marvellous guitar backdrops by Page and gutsy Harper vocals. An electric version of "Highway Blues" was next,which prompted the comment "This is REALLY turning into a rock concert" from some Ralph McTell fan sat next door. "Elizabeth", as always, was beautiful. This one's heading for the "Harper classic" category.

At this point Roy indulged himself somewhat by leading the band in a throwaway festival tune which I presume was called "I'm really stoned". Not one of Roy's lyrical gems this, but it did feature a few amusing keyboard effects. "True Story" saw Roy shed his guitar and animate the dramatic lyrics- particularly lines like "He rose in the saddle and split the fool's head down the middle", where Roy can really go to town.

The band closed their account with "The Flycatcher", a fine flowing ballad which benefited from Page's tasty soloing, although those boneheads in the audience just wouldn't shut up. A standing ovation. Back to the tent. Off to the pub.

Roy's final set, at 9.30 on Saturday, was something of a disappointment. Not due to any musical deficiency, but to a terrible P.A. which screeched and crackled and was all but inaudible from the back of the marquee. By this time Roy's voice was beginning to show signs of overuse. However, "One of those days in England" was enjoyable. Roy's obviously done some heavy rehearsing. Nik Green joined in on keyboards for this one. (all 20-odd minutes of it.') It's the first time I'd heard Roy play this track live so it was a treat, and was well recieved by the audience.

Nik Green left the stage and Jimmy Page joined Roy for "Hangman", which was marred by feedback, but as always gave Roy something to sink his teeth into vocals-wise. The duo completed the proceedings with "Same Old Rock" which can be truly awesome when Roy & Jimmy are really together, but the P.A. kept throwing out unwanted noise and spoiling the pair's concentration.



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