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LEDZEPCONCERTS.COM - January 20, 1969
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Date January 20, 1969
Location Wheaton, Maryland
Venue Wheaton Youth Center
Start Time
Attendance 100
Ticket Prices


Robert Plant - vocals
Jimmy Page - guitar
John Paul Jones - bass
John Bonham - drums



Led Zeppelin's pay was $250 and played for about 45 minutes in front of a crowd of 100 people.

Concert Memories

This is an email that I received from Richard Harrington concerning the Wheaton Date

Sources include my long term memory jarred by frequent references over the years among long-time DC music folk. Barry Richards, DJ here from early '60s on (now in Florida I believe) was the promoter of the show, which was apparently a last minute, unadvertised show at Wheaton Youth Center, site of frequent rock shows by local and national acts (usually at the start of their careers--this was a concrete box!). Supposedly Zep played for about 45 minutes. Barry has said he has a picture of him, Page and Plant standing in front of the building during load-in (that information is also referenced in a book called "Capitol Rock"). For this piece, I talked to Eddie Kalika, Warner Bros. promo man at the time (the Atlantic rep, Johnny Lamm, has long disappeared) and he remembered the date, and suggested Lamm probably didn't even go.

A few years back when Richard Cole was promoting "Stairway to Heaven" on Baltimore radio, he told the dj that the cheapest and shortest gig Led Zep ever worked was for $250 at a gymnasium south of Baltimore on their first US tour (Wheaton, Maryland is waay south of Baltimore, but for someone who doesn't know the area such a mix up would be understandable).The dj was befuddled and said something like "I guess that wasn't Merriweather Post" and Cole responded by saying something like "no, there was no advertising, no one showed up, it was in the middle of nowhere, and we played for twenty minutes." I've been told some Zep Web sites reference the 1-20-69 date as "Baltimore" or "unknown." When I talked to Page, he didn't remember it specifically, but did not rule it out. Hope that's helpful...



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