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LEDZEPCONCERTS.COM - September 17, 1971
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Date September 17, 1971
Location Honolulu, Hawaii
Venue Honolulu Civic Auditorium
Start Time 8:00PM
Ticket Prices $5.00


Robert Plant - vocals
Jimmy Page - guitar
John Paul Jones - bass
John Bonham - drums



Concert Memories

Well today marks the date that I last saw Zep...What a killer show...

I'd seen the band 2 years earlier, but now that I was 14 I could appreciate it even more...

This was the last concert of the famous Aug-Sept, 1971 American tour of which many of the shows are considered amongst the best performances of the guys careers..The show I saw was right there with 'em.

It was a fairly typical setlist of the time..starting with Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Black Dog (Out on the Tiles intro), Since I've been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Stairway...then after that it gets a little cloudy in my memory...I know they did That's the Way, Going to California, Whole Lotta Love, Moby Dick..and probably Celebration Day, What is and What should never be, and communication Breakdown...possibly others...

My friend, Mike Barnard and I got tickets a few days after they went on sale at Records Hawaii..In that day you could only get tickets at 2 locations...the venue box office or the 1 record store...Mike just recently sent me a photo copy of the concert stub, as I'd misplaced mine, and the ticket number is 2504 out of 4000. I wish I could post the picture and flyer of the concert here...anyway...

We arrived at the Civic Auditorium a hour before the on the floor right in front near the stage and waited with intense anticipation...I snuck in a small handheld Panasonic cassette recorder and 3 hours of tape by just holding it on my side, away from the ticket taker....I kept it low while waiting, knowing it wasnt' OK to have it there, but not knowing the wrath of Peter Grant...Fortunately he or Richard Cole didnt see it as they walked around..I do remember the massive Grant and his wooly beard...

As it got within a few minutes of showtime...the crowd really surged toward the front(all gen. admission so the floor was packed like a cattle yard). I was a wee bit small and about to get crushed so Mike and I slid around and sat on the edge of the first balcony?, mezzanine...directly behind and above John Bonham's drumset...We were only 12 -15 feet from him...It was a small old style wrestling arena, not the big type of auditoriums nowadays...We could see the band backstage as they prepared to make their entrance...It was so cool....

I held my microphone as the crowd screamed on the Zepsters entrance....They immediately went into Imm. Song...Plants voice was a bit ragged at first...His high notes were cracking just a tad...but smoothed out quickly and the show was ON....

He made a few welcoming comments saying something about being glad to be back in Honolulu and the fine weather and women....As Black Dog was announced, this black dude near us started waving his shirt like a battle cry wave and shouting, so Plant turned around and acknowledged the guy and practically looked straight at us too.

At one point a flash of light shone in my eyes from below and I sorta freaked out when I saw a policeman motioning at me..I thought he was doing this because I was recording...but no, he just wanted Mike and I off the edge of the Mezzanine..So we just stood there, right where we were with no more problems....

Even though we were behind the band, it still sounded great...cause reallly we were on top of them more than behind...The recording came out decent (6.5-7.0/10) and I enjoyed it for a few years before losing it somewhere...I don't remember if it just disappeared or got mangled in a player or what...I could just DIE...My loss and all Zep traders loss is unfathomable...It was priceless....I had the whole show on tape, only turning over the tapes mostly between songs and I missed only a little of a couple of sections of songs from tape changes...

Today is a special day in my life...This concert was the BEST show I've ever seen...A few other bands shows are right up there, but this would have to be my favorite...Great memories of a great time....

-Joel Barron



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