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Concert Venues :: The Forum


Now Known As The Forum
Date Opened 1967
Venue Capacity 18,000
Venue URL
Venue Address 3900 West Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA. 90305

Venue Information

The Forum was constructed by Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Lakers and founding owner of the Kings, in 1967. The oval-shaped, $16 million structure was named for and designed to evoke the Roman Forum. The arena seats 17,505 for basketball, 16,005 for ice hockey, and up to 18,000 for concerts; it has no luxury suites, but held an unprecedented 2,400 club seats for events. In excess of 70 percent of the seats were located between the goals, and no seat is more than 170 feet from the playing surface.

The Forum became a landmark in the Greater Los Angeles Area, in large measure from the success of the Lakers and from the Hollywood celebrities often sighted in its audiences. It hosted a vast number of events such as tennis matches, rock concerts, boxing matches, ice shows, rodeos, and political events. It is sometimes referred to as the Los Angeles Forum or L.A. Forum to differentiate it from other buildings, venues and places carrying the name "Forum".

In 1979, Cooke sold The Forum to Jerry Buss along with the Lakers and the Kings for a then-record $67.5 million.

In 1988, Buss capitalized on all of this success by selling the arenas naming rights to Great Western Savings & Loan. The exterior of the building was repainted blue from the original dark orange/red color, and the building was officially renamed the "Great Western Forum", and that name was retained for several years, even after Great Western was acquired by Washington Mutual.

In 1999, Buss sold the Great Western Forum to L.A. Arena Co.

Faithful Central Bible Church, home to a predominantly African-American congregation numbering over 12,000, purchased the Great Western Forum at the end of 2000 and holds its regular service there each Sunday morning.

In 2003, Great Westerns naming rights contract on the building expired, and Forum Enterprises reverted the venues official name to the original "The Forum". Despite this, and despite the fact that Great Western had in 1997 ceased to exist as a separate entity, the Great Western corporate logo and the letters forming the words GREAT WESTERN initially remained on the buildings exterior. Great Westerns exterior lettering was finally removed from the building in 2006.

The departure of the buildings major sports teams has significantly lowered The Forums profile, especially outside of the Los Angeles area. As a result, the "Great Western Forum" name is still frequently heard, as many people remain unaware that the original name has been restored.

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