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Concert Venues :: Kulttuuritalo, Aalto Hall


Now Known As
Date Opened 1958
Venue Capacity 2000
Venue URL
Venue Address Sturenkatu 4
00510 Helsinki, Finland

Venue Information

Kulttuuritalo is one of Aalto's major works and his first public building in the metropolitan area. Aalto first sketched Kulttuuritalo on a pack of cigarettes. When it was built in 1958, it looked exactly the same as in the first version!

The internationally known and well received building is one of the best examples of Aalto's so called red brick phase. The wholeness is governed by the asymmetrical Aalto auditorium made of red bricks. The wide fan-like form originates in the idea of having a space that would not seem empty. One half of the asymmetrical auditorium creates a feeling of intimacy and privacy, whereas the other half creates a feeling of an enormous and breathtaking space. To solve the problem in having a free of form brick structure, Aalto designed - for Kulttuuritalo in particular - a wedge-shaped brick that is considered as the gem of Aalto's red brick phase in the 50s.

Aalto's native Finland has also understood the value of the building. The Council of State decided to protect Kulttuuritalo from the 90s on. After the decision, vast interior renovation work was carried out to restore the original Aalto spirit and vivacity.

In the beginning the building was a multicultural cradle to house simultaneously e.g. over ten different clubs, a cinema and a sports association.

From very early on Kulttuuritalo has been a very popular place for concerts. In deed the Aalto Hall has one of the best acoustics in the country! The building has seen concerts by almost all popular Finnish musicians playing classical music, not forgetting pop and rock musicians and artists.

Weekdays are still filled with various people encountering one another: meetings, parties and music. In addition to various events the house is also a working place for many people. During the years a part of the facilities at Kulttuuritalo has been rented out to numerous groups and associations. The Finnish Broadcasting Company and Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra have been the major tenants since 1963. In 1992-2000 the building housed Theatre Academy . Today it houses the National Board of Antiquities.

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