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Concert Venues :: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum


Now Known As
Date Opened 1972
Venue Capacity 17,760
Venue URL
Venue Address 1255 Hempstead Turnpike
Uniondale, NY 11553

Venue Information

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, commonly known as Nassau Coliseum (or simply The Coliseum), is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island. The Coliseum is 19 miles (30 km) from New York City.

The Coliseum occupies 63 acres of Mitchel Field, site of a former Army and Air Force base.

The Coliseum is currently the third-oldest arena in active use by an NHL team (after Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena and Madison Square Garden), and is generally considered to be obsolete. Knowing that the arena was deteriorating, officials announced in 2004 an ambitious plan to renovate the coliseum, instead of building a whole new arena. The centerpiece of the project would be a 60-story tower designed to look like a lighthouse. Other plans include new housing units (including affordable housing units), athletic facilities, a new minor league baseball stadium, restaurants, and a new hotel. The project would also include trees, water and other natural elements to the area to replace the sea of concrete plus adding many other things to the area, at a projected overall cost of approximately $200 million.

Although this news thrilled Islander fans, the 2004-05 NHL lockout and problems with the county meant that little progress has been made on this proposal. This has led the Islanders to discuss building a new arena in neighboring Suffolk County. Another possibility could include Brooklyn, where the NBA's Nets are constructing Barclays Center. However, the Islanders are forbidden from playing home games in Brooklyn & Queens becuse that is considered New York Rangers territory. But in 2006, Islanders officials decided that the construction would start in 2008 and go onto 2011. Since Kings County is part of Long Island geographically, the team name would not be an issue.

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