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Concert Venues :: Birmingham Odeon Theatre


Now Known As
Date Opened Sept. 4, 1937
Venue Capacity 2,441
Venue URL
Venue Address 139 New Street
West Midlands
United Kingdom
B2 4NU

Venue Information

The Odeon Cinema opened as the Paramount Theater on 4th September 1937. The architects were Frank Verity & Samuel Beverley (Cinerama is not a style of architecture) the Paramount was Art Deco. It was one of several Paramount Theaters built by Paramount Pictures in major cities in the United Kingdom. The Birmingam Paramount had a seating capacity of 2,441. The organ was a Compton 4 manual/10 rank which was still in use occasionally into the mid-1980s.

It was taken over by Odeon Theatres and re-named Odeon in August 1942. It was never part of the ABC Theatres chain. In 1965 it was closed for a few months for a major modernisation which stripped the building of many of its original decorative features. Until it was split up into four screens the huge original seating capacity served well as a venue for pop concerts as well as films.

Venue Photos

Concert Watch
6 September 2014
John Paul Jones
Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus Festuge
22 September 2014
John Paul Jones
Missoula, Montana
Wilma Theatre
23 September 2014
John Paul Jones
Spokane, Washington
Bing Crosby Theater
24 September 2014
John Paul Jones
Seattle, Washington
Moore Theatre
25 September 2014
John Paul Jones
Portland, Oregon
Crystal Ballroom

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