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Concert Venues :: Earls Court Exhibition Centre


Now Known As
Date Opened Sept. 1, 1937
Venue Capacity 19,000
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Venue Address Warwick Road

Venue Information

Earls Court was largely a waste ground for many years. With the introduction of two stations, it became a mass network of rail on derelict grounds. The idea of introducing entertainment to the grounds was brought about by an entrepreneur called John Robinson Whitley who used the land as a show ground for many years. Whitley did not profit from his efforts, yet his desire had decided the future of Earls Court and its purpose in later years. In 1935 the land was sold and the new owners decided to construct a show centre to rival any other in the world and to dominate the nearby Olympia exhibition hall. The plan was to create Europe's largest structure by volume. The project did not go exactly to plan; it ran over budget and was late in completion. Earls Court finally opened its door to the public for the chocolate and confectionery exhibition on the 1st of September 1937. It was designed by architect C. Howard Crane. The Motor Show and Commercial Vehicle show soon followed. In spite of all the problems in the latter part of construction, the project was completed at a cost of 1.5 million pounds. This building is now usually referred to as Earls Court One.

Although the venue is frequently criticised for being echoey it is still one of the most popular arenas to play in the UK with a capacity of around 19,000, including standing, meaning it is often chosen over venues such as Wembley Arena by bands with a large fan base.

Earls Court will also host the Volleyball competitions in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The volleyball events were scheduled for the Multi-Sport Arenas in the Olympic Park.

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