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Concert Venues :: Batschkapp


Now Known As
Date Opened 1976
Venue Capacity 700
Venue URL
Venue Address Maybachstraße 24
60433 Eschersheim

Venue Information

The Batschkapp is one of the oldest and most popular rock clubs in Germany - since 1976, attracts this bedrock of the rock scene enthusiastic scene and has little to no flavor is lost. In the Batschkapp which has played everything rank and name in the guitar scene, and today is the Booking exceptionally well, so you always have the opportunity international scene sizes here live. The former left-wing cultural meeting place has become an established event venue moulted, whose program now also readings and performances, along with natural "classics" like the idiot Ballroom event belong. Schlicht, unspectacularly and authentically presenting the Batschkapp after nearly three decades, their audiences, and therefore it will be appreciated by the fans. For a rock night with bottles of beer and hard sounds of the best club in the Rhein-Main area.

Almost 20 years old, Batschkapp is a popular rock and pop concert venue which has outlasted many of its rivals. Other music styles such as heavy metal, indie, crossover and hip-hop bands also feature. Please make sure to leave penknives or anything of that sort at home; the security staff are serious about safety and have even been known to confiscate nail files. Fridays ('Idiot Ballroom') and Saturdays ('Bubblicious') are popular club nights with a mix of musical styles.

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